$1,500,000 Goal
113% of Goal
$1,690,032 Raised

The Tour for a Cure – Daniher’s Drive 2018

FightMND is taking the 2018 Daniher’s Drive to the next level. Last year we had more willing drivers wanting to make a difference in the fight to find a treatment and cure for Motor Neurone Disease. So we’ve bumped up the number of cars in our drive to cater for the demand. This means our fourth drive will be our biggest and best yet.

These fun-loving and passionate fundraisers, sports fans, keen adventurers and driving enthusiasts will join Neale Daniher, his brothers and sisters and the FightMND community on a four-day on-road extravaganza - Daniher’s Drive ... A Tour for a Cure.

Teams in the 2018 drive will head north in Victoria, then west and cross into South Australia for the first time. It will take in some of the most picturesque parts in the two states, including the Wimmera, the Coonawarra wine region in SA, Mt Gambier, Victoria’s western district and then through Geelong. The drive is about having fun and spreading the message to country regions and raising money for the cause.

This is an important part of the FightMND fundraising effort. Money raised in past years is already being directed into Australian-based MND research and clinical trials by some of the country’s brightest medical minds. 

With your contribution to the effort - whether it’s as a team member or supporting one of the teams by donating - we can all help bring closer a cure and treatment for one of the most debilitating of diseases.

Top Teams

Mc Cool Kids$117,240.00
Old Skool$80,450.70
Shady Ladies$68,169.00
The Grasshoppers$52,978.35
Les & Jules Crew $44,456.11
Edna's Angels$44,276.15
Tassie Connection$42,313.00
Rollicking Rowdy$39,258.91
Driving Divas$36,621.70
The South West Squad$32,037.73
Direct Couriers$28,489.00
C & M$27,616.24
ROLR 73$27,509.99
Driving Us Crazy$27,466.60
Lorna's Cobram Crew$27,116.42
Team Monica Hayes$27,066.95
Bayside Rollers$25,682.00
Acc Higgins$24,772.40
Sovereign Financial$23,730.00
Beast Busters$22,675.75
Lorna's Girls$20,800.35
Team Uncle Bob$20,087.35
Acton SRT8$18,650.00
Dynamic Demons 43$18,242.00
Ok Fun Gang$17,809.67
Team Tambellup$17,762.20
Team Moama$17,723.00
The Hillbillys$17,489.10
McLeod's Had 11$17,050.00
A Positive Move- "Doing it for Dicky" $17,006.37
Ray White$16,424.40
We Drive for Jeannie$16,296.00
Team Civfast$16,268.70
Demons and Angels$15,750.40
AM against MND$14,823.80
MND Up the Creek Crew$14,683.81
Gooramadda Bombers$13,940.90
Team Mansfield$13,682.17
Charter Keck Cramer$13,484.15
Team Troupies$12,158.10
Gull Group$11,788.90
Bears on the Run IV$11,639.25
Maxx Pro Solutions$11,005.25
Team Dell Force$10,245.55
Blue Steel$9,610.00
Happy Dons$9,500.00
Thelma and Louise $9,049.50
The Slayers$8,938.00
Team Mez$8,800.30
Mildura Harness Racing Club$8,503.35
Skene Machine$8,496.00
Brittney Daniher$8,480.00
Team Slunters$8,351.30
Michael Mcmaster$7,944.12
Annie's Motley Crew$7,892.30
Frank Grimes Wild Ride 2$7,800.00
Car 89$7,790.25
The Reverands Disciples$7,557.37
Drinking Man's Travel Company$7,384.00
The Blue Girlfriend$7,010.00
Nick Theodossi$6,900.00
Doing It For Deeds$6,700.00
Mark Guthrie$6,649.90
The Goolwa Clan$6,572.00
Victory Fight Club$6,535.00
Harvey's Angels$6,283.69
Team Mitch$6,261.00
Daniher Boys$6,200.00
Fun Bus$6,141.34
Tennis Victoria$6,001.00
IC For MND$5,766.00
The Carlton Draught Connoisseurs$5,705.00
Dodgy Boys$5,537.90
Cheap Labour$5,505.00
The Falcons$5,220.00
Misso & Rossco$5,183.90
Beast Slayers$1,526.00
President's Sled$1,390.00